Registration Guide

    Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Your registration WILL NOT be confirmed until payment is received in full. Payment must be made in USD. The conference organizer will not accept any bank charges associated with the transfer of money.



    Before March 24, 2019

    Between March 24, 2019-April 24, 2019
    On-site Registration
    Regular Author 550USD\3500RMB 600USD\3800RMB 650USD\4100RMB
    APISEMember 530USD\3300RMB 580USD\3600RMB 630USD\4000RMB
    Student Author/Committee 500USD\3200RMB 550USD\3500RMB 600USD\3800RMB
    Additional Paper 360USD\Paper\2300RMB 360USD\Paper\2300RMB 360USD\Paper\2300RMB
    Additional Page 70USD\Page\400RMB 70USD\Page\400RMB 70USD\Page\400RMB
    Presenter Only 350USD\2200RMB 400USD\2500RMB 450USD\2800RMB
    Listener 300USD\1900RMB 350USD\2200RMB 400USD\2500RMB

    * Regular Author: Submitting full paper to publish in conference proceeding and present your research on the conference
    * Presenter: Just submitting abstract to present on the conference.
    * Student Author: Providing a valid certificate from their departments.
    * Additional Page: One regular paper has 6-10 pages. If the paper exceeds 6 pages, extra pages should be paid at 70 USD/ page.
    * Additional Paper: One author can only publish 2 papers.


    2, NOTES:

    1)The papers will be published online.

    2) Registration of paper must be done by one of author(s) of paper. Presentation of paper must be done by one of author(s) of the paper. Otherwise the paper cannot be included into the conference proceedings

    3)The papers which are not presented by the registered authors CANNOT be considered for the post-conference publications (i.e. for special issue and regular issue journals).

    4) Your registration will be confirmed when the payment of the registration fee is received by the Organizers.

    5) All registered participants MUST carry their Participants Card during the event. Otherwise they are not allowed to enter the halls, coffee breaks, lunches and social activities.

    6) The conference organizer is not responsible for any accomodation process. You can seek your hotel on your own.



    A2, Author:

    B2, Presenter/ Listener


    Please send all the required documents to before the registration deadline. Only you receive the confirmation letter from the conference secretary, your registration will be completed.

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